It was so good to have Mike Pilavachi come and spend last night’s meeting with us. It’s always time of laughter and a time to focus our eyes on Jesus.

Mike took a spontaneous approach towards last night’s talk, but it was clear from the start that God’s agenda was taking centre stage as many came forward and received from the Holy Spirit – even when Mike was talking!

He shared a number of lessons that we can learn from stories like Jesus going into the wilderness for 40 days and the story of Moses leading Israel out of Egypt.

Throughout his hilarious storytelling, Mike concluded that we have times when we’re stuck in the desert – but God will take you there and he will lead you out of it through humbling ourselves, learning to praise him even when it hurts and not to disqualify ourselves from doing his work.

We had the privilege of Mike returning this morning to share more of what he feels God wants to tell us collectively and individually.

Mike spoke on how God speaks to us and backed up what he said with a number of wonderfully told stories of personal issues experienced whilst stepping out in faith for God.

We’ve been extremely blessed to have such honouring and honest teaching from all who have shared with us this year.

By James Hughes

James Hughes

James is a student in Southampton studying Journalism, and is responsible for writing up everything that’s going on around the Catalyst Festival.