“Much of modern discipleship has focussed on making believers strong enough to survive the culture instead of bold enough to transform the culture”. 

Alan Scott recently tweeted this statement and I think it encapsulates the heart of what is going on in the church across the UK and even across the world today. In the midst of a sometimes chaotic global landscape, God is mobilising his people once again to play their part in the transformation of society at every level. This theme has come across prophetically at each one of our Festival gatherings and will be continued and strengthened in the Catalyst Festival 2016. We are delighted to have Alan Scott with us to teach us some of the things they have been learning on God’s advancing kingdom at the Causeway Coast Vineyard, Ireland. Additionally, we have Amy Orr-Ewing who works with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries as one of the leading apologists in our nation. Amy is a brilliant communicator and with the team at RZIM has been at the forefront of presenting the gospel to a multi-ethnic and multi-faith world. Joining us again will be Andy McCulloch who is church planting in a muslim majority nation and spoke so powerfully last year. Finally David Devenish and I will also be speaking along with many others who will be joining us in our Zones, Youth and Kids meetings throughout the week. It’s looking to be an exciting year of teaching and encounter as God takes us forward into his mission.

Worship this year will be led by Sam & Becki Cox who many will know after their brilliant leading at Newday last year, along with our own Tim Williams and Meri Leggott who have helped us to lift the name of Jesus and come into his presence many times before.

I hope you are able to join us at this next Festival and that together we are able to take a big step forward in our mission to plant churches, reach nations and lead many to faith and freedom in  Christ whilst seeing God’s kingdom extend into every area of society.

For more information about the Festival, please click here.

By Simon Holley

Simon leads the Catalyst Strategy Team along with the eldership team at the King’s Arms Church in Bedford, and supports and teaches at churches around the world. His passion is to see ordinary believers walk into an encounter with God’s love for them and to then equip them to take that message out into the world with demonstrations of the power of God. Simon is married to Caroline, and they have three children.