Isaiah 18 prophesied of swift messengers going to a people tall and smooth, feared near and far, a mighty people whose land is divided by rivers who will bring tribute to the Lord of Hosts. This prophecy was about the people of Cush, modern day South Sudan. It has been one of the greatest privileges to see this scripture fulfilled in front of our eyes!


Newfrontiers has been partnering with believers in the Toposa people group, an unreached people group in South Sudan, for over 23 years. The Toposa are a warrior, cattle rustling, nomadic tribe with a reputation for being fierce, they have suffered much with war, poverty, famine and lawlessness.  


In 1998 when Simon and Anna Fry first got involved, there were only five known believers in a people group of over one million. However in the last five years we have had the joy of seeing and hearing of thousands of Toposa turning to Christ with hundreds being baptised every year, including 300 in the last few weeks. Over 60 churches have sprung up close to the Ethiopian border as brave groups of believers take the gospel to remote and often very dangerous areas of South Sudan. Some of these churches have over 300 people gathering now.  

Celebrations in early 2021 after hundreds are baptised

The gospel is advancing, thanks to years of translation work they are able to hear and read much of the New Testament in their mother tongue and are receiving it with repentance and joy. The challenge now is how to disciple and train new believers, nourish new churches led by first generation believers and to see kingdom values filter down into culture and lifestyle. Take heart the kingdom is advancing, scripture is being fulfilled, He is coming again and people from every tribe and nation will worship our beautiful Saviour. 


Written by Anna Fry from Christchurch Hailsham

By Catalyst

Catalyst is a movement of churches raising world-changers in the UK and around the world