Dave & Jude May (leaders at Emmanuel Church Oxford) shared with their church a couple of weeks ago that they will be moving to plant a new Catalyst Church in Sheffield. In this blog, they share a bit about the journey they’ve been on so far, as well as what’s to come:


We love living in Oxford so much, especially being part of Emmanuel, leaving so many people we love is going to be incredibly tough – but we believe that God is calling us to do this. We are in the wonderful position of knowing we aren’t doing this on our own because we are going to be supported and sent by Emmanuel Oxford and we will be doing it as part of the Catalyst network of Churches.



Sheffield is a wonderful city; we fell in love with it and began to feel faith rising in us as soon as we started exploring the city. In the Podcast below, we tell a bit more of the story of how we feel God has spoken to us about moving to Sheffield and some of the what we believe God is calling us to do through this new church.



We know there are numbers of great churches already in Sheffield, and we’re excited to grow in friendship and work alongside them. We want to help people discover God’s peace and flourish in all He is calling them into. This is our desire for anybody who comes to plant this church with us, and it’s also our heart for the city more widely, to seek its peace and flourishing! We long to be contributors not consumers, alongside all the other churches and everyone else who has a heart for this city.


So, whatever you do, whether you’re in business, a social worker, a parent, a student… we are looking for people to join us who take seriously the mission Jesus gives us to share his good news and expect to see his Kingdom come in every part of life.


We will move to Sheffield in the summer of 2020 and we plan to start gathering together all who want to join us on this adventure from September 2020. We would then hope to launch a more public Sunday meeting in early 2021.


On the 8th of February we will be hosting a day in Oxford for anyone who would like to find out more. Please email us on dmay@emmanueloxford.org if you would like to sign-up for the 8th or want to find out more. We would love to hear from you!


Written by Dave & Jude May

By Catalyst

Catalyst is a movement of churches raising world-changers in the UK and around the world