Leadership Foundations is a two-year training course for leaders, developing your leadership skills, theology, doctrine, and character. Wherever you’re called to lead – in your church, your workplace or your community – Leadership Foundations is designed to help you develop your gift. We interviewed two students, (one in his 50’s and one in her 20’s) who have just completed their 2 years on the course to find out how it went.


1) What prompted you to do Leadership Training?

Chris Large: I joined a New Frontiers church in Hailsham only 2 years ago, just before I started the training, having been part of and preaching at an Anglican church for 30 years prior. My wife had done something similar in the Anglican setting and loved it, and after chatting with Andy Johnston who oversees the training, I felt it was time for me to this course.

Iona Holland: The senior pastor in my church and my mentor both suggested it to me as the next step for developing my leadership skills as well as getting a good foundation in biblical theology. So I did it!


2) Highlights of the course?


– All the things we learnt and all the recommended books have all become my key resources that I lean on, and have equipped me to preach in my home church. Not only has it given me more resources, but has increased my confidence in what I can do. I recently went on a missions trip to Tanzania, and was asked 2 weeks before leaving to prepare 5 sermons. This still shook me, but I felt totally able to do it, as well as feeling able to confidently adapt them to each setting.

– The network of people and friends has been hugely valuable, and fantastic. Even our long drive to Milton Keynes each month was valuable time spent growing my relationship with a friend.

– Andrew Wilson making drama stories in the class room. Brilliant!

An absolute priviledge to be part of.


– One highlight for me which has continued throughout the course has been the potential for networking with others in New Frontiers. This took me from a small picture to a large picture mentality, seeing NF as a global movement and how relationships between churches and across nations can make a massive impact on mission.

– The speakers also have been outstanding and what I have learnt has been invaluable.


3) Did you get the accreditation? If so, was that a factor for you to complete the course?

Chris: I already hold two masters degrees, so for me it wasn’t about another qualification, but the impartation of knowledge and the relationships I built.

Iona: I am doing the accreditation simply for the certificate at the end. Having this diploma will benefit me accessing different countries for the purpose of biblical teaching, than if I had not. And also by writing the required essays, it has massively solidified a lot of the teachings from the course.

The course runs over two years and takes place in ten two-day blocks per year on Fridays and Saturdays in Milton Keynes. For more information including costs and booking, click here.