Karen Kircher – Called to Influence. (A Leadership & Organisational Development Coach called to change the face of leadership to one that reflects King Jesus and His Kingdom)

I love teaching and ministering to people in Church but there is something deep inside that ignites when it comes to listening and responding to what God wants to bring in the marketplace. This has enabled me to call out destiny over individuals, bring Kingdom peace into leadership coaching sessions and see teams flourish as they adopt the culture of honour. I have even interpreted dreams and witnessed physical healing in corporate meeting rooms!


Top Tips on Bringing the Kingdom (Salvation, Healing, Joy, Peace, Comfort, Righteousness & Justice, and God’s Presence)

  • It’s about covert as well as overt operations! We don’t need to beat work colleagues over the head with a bible but simply look for opportunities to reflect God’s character and goodness in our day to day
  • Random acts of kindness alongside everyday encouragement to those around you go a very long way. Often from this place the prophetic can flow, but share using secular language ensuring you meet the person where they are at
  • When facilitating Leadership workshops I reflect the Christian message using secular language e.g. ‘Leading through Conflict’ and I teach directly from the bible, Matthew 18:15, “Go to the person and in private talk through the issue openly and authentically with the aim of reconciliation”
  • Alongside covert operations, I try to recognise when the Holy Spirit provides overt opportunities to pray, prophesy or share The Gospel

As we have begun to gather people from different areas of influence (e.g. Arts, Business, Education, Healthcare) at my local church a common theme emerged; a painful feeling of isolation against a secular tide that felt overwhelming. It is far better and powerful to work in team, with supportive like-minded people around us.So we began King’s Business in 2012; a workplace community comprising of small to large business owners, freelance consultants and people who work corporately.

King’s Business plays a key role in preventing a feeling of isolation: It is like a hub of hope where we can find support, encouragement and develop healthy relationships with other like-minded Christian brothers and sisters. I also belong to a Christian business network that meets in Central London, which enables me every month to meet many like-minded Christians going after Kingdom in the City. I encourage you to find others in your church environment and also in your place of work that you can partner with. Don’t travel alone! Let’s be family together by bringing unity within the body of Christ, reaching out to others within our church community, other churches and like-minded travellers in our place of work, to enable us to bring Kingdom influence.

By Karen Kircher

Karen Kircher

Since leaving the water industry in 2000, Karen has enjoyed working as a consultant in the areas of leadership and organisational development, establishing Leading Leaders in 2007.