Coaching Church Leadership Teams

Would your church leadership team like help to develop your leadership skills so that you and your churches become authentic disciples who are effective at making more disciples? Bring your team and developing younger leaders and see how you can grow together and how you can lead your people to spiritual growth. All healthy things grow, so come and see how you can ensure your Christian walk is healthy, how to lead others into to healthy spiritual growth.

Coaching Church Leadership Teams is a new training course from Catalyst, formed from six 2¼ hour Zoom sessions spread over a year, to coach and train church leadership teams in practical skills. This includes:

– Coaching to help leaders grow spiritually themselves
– Coaching to help leaders help their teams to grow spiritually and to grow in leadership gifting
– Coaching to identify and address specific barriers to growth
– Teaching and discussion with others to identify the application to each church situation
– Learning from each other by working out application
– Reviewing progress to ensure effective implementation
– Opportunities for follow up conversations to help with specific presenting problems


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If you are interested, please sign up by filling in the form here.



The content will be delivered over a two year cycle, taking place in the first half of each year. Individuals and teams are able to join each year, with some of the students undertaking Year 2 before Year 1.

28th Jan (AM) & 2nd Feb (PM) 2021: Principles, Introduction, Leading Yourself
25th Feb (AM) & 2nd Mar (PM) 2021: Leading Yourself, Leading Others
15th Apr (AM) & 20th Apr (PM) 2021: Barriers to Growth, Personal Capacity, Developing Teams
13th May (AM) & 18th May (PM) 2021: Communications
17th Jun (AM) & 22nd Jun (PM) 2021: Mission, Vision and Strategies, Developing Others
15th Jul (AM) & 20th Jul (PM) 2021: Leading Others, Recruiting Others

The 2022 year will include additional teaching on Leading Teams and Others, as well as Apostolic Foundations, Organisation and Structures, Governance and Worship.
Our aim from each session will be to enable each team to go away with one or at most two key takeaways that they can prioritise for implementation by the next gathering. The principle is that you cannot change more than about two or three major things in a year so implementing one major takeaway from each full day / two day gathering is about as much as anyone can achieve.


Principal Speakers

Richard Wightman has led New Life Church from 175 people to over 900 people over the past 17 years. He has a background as a senior manager in the railway industry, managing a turnover of £1.6bn per annum and 900 plus staff. He is passionate about developing and releasing leaders and equipping the church with spiritual life, systems and processes, all to enable spiritual growth in depth and numbers. Richard is part of the senior leadership team and Board of Catalyst, ran the Catalyst Festival for its first four years of operation, and chairs four other charities including the Milton Keynes Homelessness Partnership and the Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes.
Sharon Clark is the Site leader of the largest of New Life Church’s sites with about 600 people involved and we think has the widest responsibility of any lady in Catalyst and possibly Newfrontiers. She sits on the senior leadership team of Catalyst. Before that she was the Operations Manager for New Life Church, coping with Richard, developing from Office manager to a much wider brief as Operations Manager looking after an ever-widening portfolio.
There will also be guest speakers from time to time who are specialists in fields being discussed.



We will charge as follows:

– Churches £90 per annum in total for 6 sessions and up to 6 people at each session (equivalent to £15 per session for up to 6 people each time).
– Additional places will be £5 per person per session.



Sessions run either on Thursday mornings (AM dates) or Tuesday evenings (PM dates), with the evening sessions there to enable church leadership teams who work during the day to attend together. Each AM Zoom call will run from 10am to 12.15pm, and each PM Zoom call will run from 7:30pm to 9:45pm, both formed of two sessions with a short break in-between.
These training sessions will be of very limited value to you unless the senior pastor / senior leader is present, unless there is a very good reason. These training sessions are about helping you to run the race well together, not about how to persuade the senior leader to get on board!
We will limit each session to 25 people initially.
Recording and Notes
Each session will be recorded and most sessions will have hand out notes. The link and session notes will be made available to attendees.