Leadership Training is a two-year training course for leaders, developing your leadership skills, theology, doctrine, and character. Wherever you’re called to lead – in your church, your workplace or your community – Leadership Training is designed to help you develop your gift.


The Leadership Training programme is made up of three key components:



Forty days of theological and leadership training, including: a comprehensive biblical theology programme, teaching modules in systematics and church history, and training in Ephesians 4 leadership: vision-casting and team-building, preaching skills, pastoring people, cross-cultural evangelism, prophesying and hearing from God, and so on. This is followed up by written assignments.



Interactive sessions and open forums to discuss leadership issues with experienced leaders in Catalyst and elsewhere in Newfrontiers.



To discuss the issues raised in the sessions and help develop your skills as a leader.


We are privileged to have a phenomenal selection of leaders providing the teaching on the Leadership Training programme. Below are the main contributors:

Andrew Wilson

Andrew is the course director, and teaches a number of the theological modules. He has taught on Newfrontiers courses for ten years, and is currently completing a PhD in New Testament Studies at King’s College London. Andrew is on the leadership team at Kings Church London, and has written several books.

Simon Holley

Simon is the lead elder of the King’s Arms Church in Bedford, and teaches a number of the leadership modules on the course. A popular conference speaker and the author of Sustainable Power, Simon has seen his church grow in size, community impact and evangelistic effectiveness as they have pursued more of the power of God.

Andy Johnston

Andy oversees training for Catalyst and is responsible for overseeing the accreditation via Moorlands Bible College. Andy also teaches several of the historical modules and has responsibility for hosting, leading discussion and for pastoral support of students. He is an elder at King’s Community Church, Southampton, and holds a PhD in Church History from the University of Southampton. He is also the author of several books and academic articles on the Reformation.

Janet Johnston

Janet is responsible for hosting, leading discussions and for pastoral support of students and is based with her husband Andy at King’s Community Church, Southampton.

Judith Barnett

Judith is the course administrator, and is based at Kings Church in Eastbourne. She has co-ordinated both Leadership Training and Impact Training for nearly ten years, and is responsible for the logistical and administrative aspects of the course.


The course content is delivered through a number of different sections, which are described below. Take a look at the 2017-18 Syllabus (PDF) and the Rotational Syllabus (PDF) for more information on how these fit together throughout the course.


Biblical Theology

Pentateuch, Conquest to United Monarchy, Division to Exile, Exile and Return, Gospels, Acts, Paul and James, Church Under Attack.


From Scripture to Theology

Scripture and Hermeneutics, God, Gospel, People & Mission from 100-1400, Church History since 1400, Eschatology, Ethics in a Messy World.


Apostolic Leadership

Leading with Vision, Leading with Faith, Leading and Managing Teams.


Prophetic Leadership

Pursuing a Supernatural Culture, Prophesying and Hearing from God, Prayer, Spiritual Warfare and Demonisation.


Evangelistic Leadership

Everyday Evangelism, Culture, Contextualisation and Apologetics, Reaching the Nations with the Gospel.


Pastoral Leadership

Discipleship, Pastoring People, Godly Character and Self-Leadership, Walking in Freedom.


Teaching Leadership

Preaching and Teaching, Sifting Theological Debate.


Paul’s Leadership Training Course

1 & 2 Timothy and Titus.

Key information


The course runs over two years and takes place in ten two-day blocks per year on Fridays and Saturdays. The dates for the upcoming year are as follows:



2017: 22-23 Sept, 13-14 Oct, 10-11 Nov, 15-16 Dec

2018: 19-20 Jan, 23-24 Feb, 16-17 Mar
20-21 Apr, 18-19 May, 15-16 Jun


2018: 14th-15th Sept, 19th-20th Oct, 16th-17th Nov, 7th-8th Dec

2019: 18th-19th Jan, 8th-9th Feb, 15th-16th Mar
26th-27th Apr, 17th-18th May, 14th-15th Jun



Training is hosted at New Life Church, The Ridgeway Centre, Featherstone Road, Wolverton Mill South, Milton Keynes, MK12 5TH.



The course costs £1000 per year for students wishing to take the diploma option.

The courses costs £850 per year for students who do not wish to take the diploma option.

Payable by cheque or bank transfer (details available on request). Cheques can be made payable to Catalyst Network of Churches, and sent to Judith Barnett, Kings Centre, 27 Edison Road, Eastbourne, BN23 6PT.



Overnight accommodation in Milton Keynes may be available for a few students who apply (£20/night) but the costs of staying overnight in a “Travelodge” should also be considered.



To apply for the Leadership Training programme, download and complete the application form.

If you’re interested in finding out more about 2018-19 course, please email: leadershiptraining@catalystnetwork.org



If you have any questions or you’d like some more information we’d love to hear from you. Email leadershiptraining@catalystnetwork.org or phone Kings Church Eastbourne on 01323 521125.



Application Form

Mentoring Guidelines and Questions (PDF)