Rock of Horeb Church was founded in 1973 in San Felix, Venezuela, and since then has been a lighthouse to the surrounding community. In 2018 Nelson Perez and his wife Lennys Marquez, who are part of Church’s leadership team, felt in their hearts that God was calling them to help the needy at Guaiparo Hospital – the main and biggest hospital of the whole city. Ours is a city of more than a million people, divided by the Caroni river into two main areas: San Felix and Puerto Ordaz.
Due to the critical situation in Venezuela there are shortages of food, medicines, public services, petrol, and other basic facilities. We could also add high rates of crimes, corruption, currency exchange control and a rampant inflation (the world’s highest), and now with COVID19 the situation has worsened. There are many vulnerabilities for the poor, especially affecting children, elderly, pregnant women, and people with underlying/special health conditions. That’s why the situation in hospitals is desperate.
We started serving 50 meals each Sunday but due to the high number of people going to hospital it rapidly increased to 100, then 150, 250 and now we are serving around 400 meals every Sunday. Our menu is mainly soup of beef and chicken, but we also serve potable water, oats, fruits, arepas and others. There is shortage of gas and also blackouts are very frequent, so we use an old fashioned way to prepare food with firewood. Also, we help with medical supplies such as nappies, blankets, masks, cotton, bandages, injectors, some medicines and others. We preach the Gospel, pray for the sick, offer support to people who have lost relatives, and visit and disciple the newly converted.
Many people are in need; for some of them this is their only meal in days. Thank you for your support as we keep serving our community!

By Catalyst

Catalyst is a movement of churches raising world-changers in the UK and around the world