Hello from The Barn team! The Barn is large indoor area containing inflatables, a cinema area, sports activities and more, which is open in the afternoons and evenings over the Festival Weekend. It’s a hub of activity and a place for people from across the network churches to meet, hang out and build community.


This year, The Barn is back with lots of great activities and a team who are working hard behind the scenes to make it a fun space for everyone to enjoy. There will be opportunities to play sport, engage in a Nerf battle, bounce about on inflatables or chill out whilst watching a movie. The Little Chicks space, featuring a giant sandpit, is perfect for families with little ones, and we are also bringing back an art and craft area. This year, The Barn will also run in the evenings as one of the main hubs for people to socialise – it’s a great opportunity for us to keep the momentum from meetings and seminars going throughout the Festival. We want The Barn to be a safe space for people from all different backgrounds to be together and we can’t wait to see what God does over the weekend.


The past few months have been busy for The Barn team. There have been volunteers to recruit, equipment to order, and even hay bales to source! God has been faithful in all of these tasks; raising up dedicated individuals for teams and answering our prayers for equipment and inspiration. Alongside the practical, we have been also praying for God to use The Barn to unite people, give them a chance to connect and open doors for prayer and ministry.


Our invite is simple…come along to The Barn in the afternoons and evenings and get involved! Why not get a sports team together, strike up a conversation with another parent or creatively express what God has been speaking to you about? The Barn team will be on the front foot to chat, offer help and most importantly pray. We’re so excited for the opportunity to enjoy being together as the body of Christ and for all that He will do through The Barn. See you there!


Written by Emma & Tex Chettiar

By Catalyst

Catalyst is a movement of churches raising world-changers in the UK and around the world