Festival Online: Catalyst Kids

The Catalyst Festival is for everyone, and our Kids Team have been hard at work putting together a number of fantastic ways for children to get involved across and beyond the Festival weekend. Find all the details below.


Online Meetings


One way to connect all together was through Catalyst Kids Online Meetings. For ages 2-4, there were be two 20-minute sessions for ages 2-4 available to watch any time, while for ages 5-11 we streamed a 45-minute session with worship, talk, prayer, fun, games and challenges which is also now available to watch on demand. To watch these, just click the link on the buttons below.




The team have also created the Passport to the Nations and Treasure Hunt resources which are available to use all weekend and give a range of activities to do inside and outside at a time that suits your family. Both are available to enjoy whenever you would like, even after the Festival Weekend.


Passport to the Nations

This contains short videos from around the world that you can watch, see how children live in other countries, see what their prayer requests are for their country and then pray for them. There is a craft activity linked to this where you can create your own passport and stick in the flags of the countries that you have found out about, as well as many baking opportunities as you follow recipes from different countries.

Use the links below to access the Passport, plus a “Create your own Passport” print out. You will need to download the files and start them from the folder you save it in to use them.


Treasure Hunt

Want to get outside? Maybe join some friends? Download our Treasure Hunt/Prayer Walk activity! This is a resource that families can tailor to their local area to go out, hear from God, and pray for their community. So let’s get out and pray creatively for our local areas!


Parenting For Faith


Finally, Parenting For Faith is a collection of short videos designed to help equip parents, guardians and carers in how to disciple kids so that they can thrive in following Jesus. These can be accessed at any time, including after the Festival, for you to use – either individually, in groups, or by churches as part of a parenting course.