Festival Online 2021

Without the opportunity to meet in person in 2021, we instead hosted a Global Online Festival from 28th-30th May, open and accessible for the first time to our entire Catalyst family around the world. The three main areas we focussed on together were discipleship, prayer and the nations.


Together Meetings


A key gathering point was our four Catalyst Together Meetings, hosted online on Friday evening, Saturday evening, Sunday morning, and Sunday evening. With teaching, worship and stories from around the world, these were streamed live with a mix of live and pre-prepared content, as opportunities to celebrate in what God is doing amongst our church family around the world and to enjoy the diversity of our global movement.


If you missed any of the meetings, you can catch up via Youtube using the button below. Meeting 2 is unfortunately not available to watch back due to the need to protect the security of some of the contributors.


Global Prayer Room


Prayer was central to the Festival Online – a unique chance to stand together with brothers and sisters from across the world and cry out for God to move. So, from Friday 28th May 9pm (BST) to Sunday 30th May 7pm (BST) we had a non-stop prayer room running that anyone could join at any time, led by individuals, groups and churches from across the nations.

Each hour had a different focus, giving opportunities to hear from, share with and pray alongside our Catalyst family around the world – including sessions in a variety of languages.


Kids & Youth


The Festival Online is for everyone, and our Kids and Youth Teams put together a number of fantastic ways for children and young people to get involved across and beyond the Festival weekend. Both focussed on discipleship – how to follow Jesus as a young person in the 21st century.

Catch up with the sessions and resources for Kids and Youth on their dedicated pages by clicking the buttons below.


Sputnik: Faith & Arts


Alongside putting on an Open Mic Night via Zoom, Sputnik also hosted an outstanding Virtual Gallery exploring “The Year That Wasn’t”. a collection of work created during the pandemic by artists connected to our network. These artists are all followers of Jesus, who are creating with one eye on the ground and the other on heaven, as they document this strange year and scratch below the surface, searching for meaning in it all. There are images, videos and songs and, with each piece, links so that you can further investigate the work of the artists involved. It’s still open, so just hit the link below to visit!