The children’s work here at the Festival is such a bright, energetic and joy-filled place to be – for the children, parents and servers!

Just like in the main meetings and the youth meetings, the children have been

encountering God is wonderful ways during their time together. There have been a number of heart-warming and encouraging stories coming out of the multiple children’s groups.

Each group welcomes the unique challenge of working with specific groups for 0-11s to enable the children with an atmosphere to be able to freely hear from God, pray for each other and see amazing things happen!

There have been stories coming out ofhealings during meetings. One girl’s hearing gradually improved during one of the meetings without even being prayed for. There were a number of stories where God moved without any direct prayer!

The children have been learning so much about our God, they’ve also learnt how to draw near to God and speak to him – with some saying they had heard messages of love over them from God.

What an amazing God we have; he chooses to draw near to us, no matter how old or young we are.

The children’s work has been served so passionately and with amazing energy, effort, patience and love – thank you to all of you who have given your time to this beautiful part of the Festival.

By James Hughes

James Hughes

James is a student in Southampton studying Journalism, and is responsible for writing up everything that’s going on around the Catalyst Festival.