Impact Training is a sacrificial year given over to learning more about God, getting a passion for the nations and having your life turned upside down. We’ll give you the opportunity to travel overseas and see how the gospel is reaching other nations, participate in the growth of a local church and equip you in sound theology and leadership skills. Nate Martin from Birmingham was one of this year’s students, and has shared how he found this last year on Impact.

“I started Impact in 2016, not really knowing what to expect. All my older siblings had done it, and I didn’t fancy the idea of University, so I just sort of went for it. I was keen to meet new people and serve the church for a year, and I was fairly sure that God would work – but I had no real idea what would come of it all.

I swiftly learnt that God seems to show up when I’m least expecting it. God has used this year to change me so much. I understand Him so much more, and love Him more than I ever thought possible. Leading on from understanding God more, I also have a completely new view of myself because of how He’s made me and what He’s done for me. I’m more secure, more confident and feel like I’ve experienced so much more joy.

A huge highlight however, are the people that I’ve met. I’ve had training with a group of 25 other Impact students, and I count them all as family now. I’ve developed friendships that will last a lifetime and hung out with people who have been so encouraging and so inspiring to my faith.

I’m gutted that the year has come to its end and I wish I could have these training blocks continue for the rest of my life, but I’m so excited for all that God has for us now and in the years to come. I’ll be taking everything I have learnt from this year, and applying it into other areas of my life, and that I am excited about.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Impact, you can find out more information such as what exactly you’ll do and how much it is, by clicking here. If you’re interested in applying, application forms can be downloaded there.

By Catalyst

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