Since 2018, Dave & Emily Williams have been spearheading a growing initiate amongst Catalyst Churches for those aged from 18 into their 30s, called ‘Influence’. 2019 saw momentum grow with a number of gatherings both regionally and nationally, and in this blog, they look back on some highlights from the past year, and look ahead to what’s coming up in 2020:


Back at the Festival in 2018, we gathered a group in a somewhat sweaty room to pray and dream and launch ‘Influence’ with the hope of gathering 20’s and 30’s from across Catalyst.


We wanted to create a space for people to connect, to compliment the work churches are already doing amongst the age group and to commission one another back into our places of influence, full of truth and the power of the Spirit. The past year has seen us gather for the first time across the country, regionally in Milton Keynes and Southampton in the spring, and then nationally for the first time in Birmingham in November. It has been so exciting seeing what God is doing in our generation; every time we have met together there have been connections made, spiritual breakthroughs and prayers answered, as well as a number of healings.


At our gathering in Birmingham we saw 19 different churches come together for a weekend of worship, challenge and equipping. A particular highlight was a panel discussion around the topic of inclusion in the church where the topics of singleness, race and class were unpacked with a real depth of authenticity and practicality.


Looking ahead to the Catalyst Festival, we are excited to be hosting our own venue which will not only be hosting seminars, discussions and worship sessions, but will also be a social space throughout the days and evenings for 20’s ad 30’s to make connections with one another and build momentum as a group. Our heart and our prayer is that we would see our generation rising up in knowledge of who God is and who we really are in Him – enabling us to be world-changers and culture-shapers in whatever spheres of influence we find ourselves a part of. So if you’re in your 18-30s, please do join us there in May!


You can also stay connected more regularly through our Facebook Group and by signing up here to keep in touch with our mailing list (just make sure you tick the “Influence 18-30s” option). See you at the Festival!

By Dave & Emily Williams

Dave and Emily head up ‘Influence’, Catalyst’s 18-30’s work. Former site leaders at Christ Church Manchester, they now attend Kings Community Church in Southampton with their four kids.