In 2007, Oasis church Birmingham moved from meeting in a school hall on a Sunday morning, to meeting at Edgbaston Cricket Club and have been faithfully meeting there for the majority of that time. Before they moved, God spoke clearly about where they would go, opening many seemingly closed doors to make it happen; since that time, Oasis church has not only been meeting together as a family to worship God but have been gradually building a strong relationship with the Cricket Club staff.

This month, 9 years after they first began renting their venue, the Warwickshire County Cricket Club wrote a feature article in their termly magazine all about how much they appreciate Oasis church being part of their family. This magazine reaches well over 3000 people at least, within the staff and members of the club.


“They have become much more than just tenants of Warwickshire County Cricket Club. They are proud and highly valued members of the Bears family.”- Warwickshire Commercial Director

Adrian Hurst who is part of the leadership team for Oasis says: “The relationship has grown to a point where we feel much more than just a tenant. We feel part of the club and take a sense of pride and excitement to what happens here.”

After many years of building trust and friendship between the church and the club, Oasis has come to have much influence there. One example is that the cricket club decided that after seeing the work Oasis did for the Food Bank over Christmas, from 2016 season, every Sunday they will have food bank collections by the gates at the start of championship games for staff and members to donate to.

“We are proud to help where we can because the church does a lot of wonderful work.”

After talking with Adrian, it was clear that this wasn’t an overnight friendship but one that was built from the moment they walked through the gates. The most interesting point I heard Adrian say was: “All we’re doing is being ourselves, honouring them in every way possible and taking an interest in what they’re doing as much as what we’re doing.”

Oasis church doesn’t just meet at the club, but they go above and beyond to serve them as a club; from helping out at their events to blessing the staff when they can, serving their needs and agenda as well as that of their church, integrating and involving their church with their local community.

What a great way to bring God’s Kingdom to the places around us!