On Thursday 24th January, leaders and staff teams from across Catalyst will be gathering for a day of worship, encounter, prayer, teaching, and stories. It’s a key time for us to gather and look to the future at the start of the new year; seeking God’s direction in all things and praying for breaththrough. This year, our theme is ‘Thriving in a Post-Christian Culture’, and we are going to be joined by four fantastic speakers. Here’s a bit about each of them:


Rachel Gardner

Rachel is a Christian leader, speaker and author. Her books include ‘Beloved’, ‘The Girl-Deconstruction Project’ and ‘The Dating Dilemma’. She is a founding director of the Romance Academy, the Relationship Lead at Youthscape, and is used widely to represent and shape Christian thought in the UK, especially among the post-millennial generation and those who desire to reach them. 


Steve Whitla

Steve lives and works in Oxford where he runs Visual Meaning, a consultancy business that builds visual models of organisations and trains business people in visual thinking. After being raised by artist parents and reading music at Cambridge, he took the unexpected step of joining KPMG as a management consultant, and now spends his time trying to bring these skills together to make the world more meaningful. He is a fellow of the RSA, a member of the CMI, and writes about meaning and visual language at http://meaning.guide.


In our post-Christian culture, people often speak about trying to find the “meaning of life”, but what does that actually mean? After spending a career observing how people make sense of abstract concepts in business, Steve has developed a range of frameworks and tools for getting to the bottom of what (if anything) people mean, and in this challenging talk he will draw comparisons between the business jargon he hears in the world of work and the Christian jargon we hear in the world of church. This session will be an opportunity to reflect on our use of language, how we connect spiritual truths to lived experience, and how we can engage people where they are rather than where we would like them to be.


Andy McCullough

Andy is a church planter, writer, speaker and teaching pastor at Reading Family Church. Born in Cyprus, he identifies very much with the Middle East where he has successfully started a number of churches. Andy is multicultural and multilingual; he is currently finalizing his Masters Degree in Contextual Theology. He is the author of ‘Global Humility’, a book making the plea for bible-centric, rather than Euro-centric, theology and practice.


Jim Harper

Jim is one of the leaders at Hope Church Worcester where he has pioneered and leads congregations working with the homeless and on estates. He is the founder of the Encounter camps where people with life controlling issues receive supernatural break throughs, he’s also CEO of the Good Soil Trust. Jim has a particular call to the poor and travels encouraging Churches in their social action.


If you are a leader or staff member at your church, please do join us for what is set to be a superbly inspiring, envisioning and thought-provoking day together. Tickets are available here, with early-bird prices available until the 11th January.

By Richard Bowpitt

Rich helps look after communications for Catalyst and also works for Oasis Church, Birmingham. He’s a fan of sharing stories that connect people together, Portsmouth FC, and Test Match Cricket!