Last year we raised over £200,000 for mission all around the world in our offering at the Catalyst Festival. This was a wonderful achievement, and we are so grateful for the generosity of everyone who participated.

The money that was raised has gone to fund a number of church plants, projects and conferences in Pakistan, Turkey, the Balkans, Ethiopia / Somalia, Myanmar, South Sudan, Iraq, Serbia, Macedonia and Russia. We also set aside a portion of the offering to subsidise the Catalyst Festival, which means we can keep the costs as low as possible and that many more people can hear about what’s happening in our churches around the world and get equipped for mission where God has placed them.

This year’s offering will be another opportunity to support churches overseas, and we are trusting God to raise enough money to fund what we believe he has called us to together. Once again we’ll be funding work in Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, the Balkans, Ethiopia / Somalia and Myanmar, with additional funds for Albania and Tanzania.

We also want to continue to have enough funds to support churches facing particular crises, both in our own sphere and elsewhere in Newfrontiers – we are very aware, as ever, that our friends around the world do not have access to the financial resources we do here in the UK. And once again we will be using a portion of what we raise to subsidise the Festival.

Please consider how you might be able to contribute to the mission God has called us to – once again we want to have a great offering that will enable us to do what God has asked us to in the year ahead.


By David Devenish

David Devenish

David is based at Woodside Church in Bedford and is part of the Catalyst team, as well as continuing to serve across Newfrontiers internationally. His most recent book, ‘Succession or Multiplication?’ was released in October 2020. David is married to Scilla and they have four children.