‘Our church is about touching lives and seeing those sparks fly.’ – Martin Bull (lead elder of The Well Church, Loughborough) at our first prayer meeting of 2015.

In January one of our members shared that it was her 70th spiritual birthday. She was crying with gratitude as she told us of God’s incredible faithfulness throughout her life. At the start of this New Year it is so good to remember all that the Lord has done among us.

Our church has seen a lot of changes over the past few years: we have moved buildings a couple of times, welcomed lots of new members, and sent many out as God has called them to new places. We have seen people added to the Kingdom of God and baptised, prayers have been answered and we’ve walked with one another through difficult times of loss and hardship. Through it all God has demonstrated his goodness and grace to us and we are amazed (yet again) by his faithfulness.

Loughborough is a vibrant university town, which means we get to welcome lots of new faces each October as the academic year begins. There is a constant turnover of people as our students come and go, and we feel that part of our calling as a church is to welcome them into our family – building them up and then sending them out as God leads them. Our vision is to build a significant church here in Loughborough that reaches out to all and sees many lives transformed for the sake of God’s Kingdom. We love being family together and working with other churches in the town through Loughborough Churches Partnership.

Last year we had the joy of seeing three people become Christians. One of these was a lady from Asia who contacted our church office wanting to know more about Christianity. She joined our Language School (for women from other nations who want to learn English) and later went on an Alpha course and gave her life to Jesus! It was a privilege to be a part of her journey and see her faith grow before sending her back to her home nation with our prayers and support. She is now a light for Christ among her family and friends there.

We have put on many outreach events, with a large proportion being run in Costa Coffee at the heart of the town centre, giving us an amazing opportunity to sow seeds in the community. We are so excited about what the Lord is doing through these events and hope to see many of the seeds sown beginning to take root throughout 2015 and beyond.

You can read more about our church here but hopefully this article gives you a flavour of what our family is about. We love being part of Catalyst, and have found that the annual festivals have really strengthened our community and family. We hope to see you there again this year!

By Megan Lowe

megan lowe

Megan lives in Loughborough with her husband Matt. She is a creative photographer and loves to travel, bake delicious goodies and spend time with the beautiful people in her life. She came to Loughborough and the Well Church as a student in 2006 and has since stayed in the area getting involved in all areas of church life.