Last year Sputnik brought out our first anthology, a collection of art works by people in and around the Sputnik network, introducing you to a load of talented painters, poets, rappers, photographers and musicians. Now, our second anthology is out, and we’re showcasing more art. From more artists. From more different disciplines. There’s an accompanying EP of music from some of our more folky musicians and songwriters. There’s even a full short story from one of our Edinburgh based writers.
We love to encourage artists to love Jesus more and create works of integrity and excellence, and we also work with churches to help them serve and welcome artists better. We’ve really known God’s grace in this so far, and are excited to see how things are developing in the Sputnik network, and would love to give you a bit of a glimpse too.
So how do you get your hands on this wonderful gateway into imagination, creativity and craftsmanship? Well, it’s simple. You become a patron of the arts through the Sputnik Patrons Scheme!
Our anthologies are exclusively available to Sputnik Patrons to give them a flavour of what we’re up to and also to say thank you for their support. We hope that though people will enjoy the publication itself, it will help them to find a whole host of Jesus following artists who can enrich their lives further in the future.
If you’ve received a copy already, we hope you’re enjoy it and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for? You can become a Sputnik Patron for as little as £5 a month and in return you’ll receive our anthologies, as well as other art that is produced around the network. For more information and to sign up as a patron, click here.
Written by Jess Wood & Jonny Mellor

By Jonny Mellor

Jonny Mellor

Jonny is an elder at ChurchCentral in Birmingham, and leads Sputnik, a project dedicated to showcasing and supporting art with a Christian worldview. He is married to Jemma and they have three children.