I’m very pleased to introduce my new book ‘Succession or Multiplication? Transitioning a Movement to Next Generation Leadership’.
Passing on the baton of leadership to a next generation is such an important component for existing Christian leaders. Furthermore, throughout the Christian Church across the world, fresh movements have been started in recent decades for church planting and world mission. How these movements transition into next generation leadership is a massive challenge; some movements have done this really well; others have struggled.
My book describes how the Newfrontiers movement (now working in around 80 nations) transformed from one led by Terry Virgo, the founder and leader, into multiplied autonomous teams instead of appointing one new leader. This has resulted in growth and development across the world. I believe that there are transition lessons that can help movements of churches, local churches themselves and mission organisations as they approach this important task.
There are other potential insights in the book on leadership issues such as global contextualisation, mutual accountability and teamwork. My goal is that Christian leaders will find it helpful and insightful as well as encouraging.
‘Succession or Multiplication?’ is released on 9th October

By David Devenish

David Devenish

David is based at Woodside Church in Bedford and is part of the Catalyst team, as well as continuing to serve across Newfrontiers internationally. His most recent book, ‘Succession or Multiplication?’ was released in October 2020. David is married to Scilla and they have four children.