“Unreached-ness is… not defined on the basis of whether there are any Christians or not, or whether there are any missionaries working among them or not. It is defined on the basis of whether or not in that culture there is a viable, culturally relevant, witnessing church movement” – Ralph Winter


As a family of churches, we carry a massive prophetic burden for and commitment to sending people to live and plant churches amongst unreached people. What this usually looks like is teams of people, sent by their local churches and Catalyst, moving country, spending a couple of years learning the local language, and then seeing a church planted that has local flavour, local expression and local multipliability.


Often, announcing specific team leaders with vision for a specific place is a great joy, because there may be people in our churches who are developing a general sense of call who are catalysed into action when they hear about a specific team. “This boat is leaving on this date – why don’t you get in it?” Over the years, we have seen recruiting days as a great opportunity to introduce people exploring a sense of call to the nations to real people working in or moving to unreached cities, with fruitful partnerships emerging as a result.


Our next such day, hosted this time by Reading Family Church, will take place on Saturday 30th June. There will be people working in unreached nations who will be visiting the UK to share stories from their contexts. And there will be several new church planting teams that we will be announcing, introducing the leaders and hearing them share their plans. There will be a wealth of opportunities to hear, engage, pray, connect, be inspired, and get involved. You will understand if, for security reasons, I can’t say more than that here.


Please join us if you are exploring a sense of call, if you are interested in engaging in what we are doing amongst the unreached, if you want to partner or pray, or just come and be inspired! The day is free of charge, but please book in and bring lunch to share (Middle Eastern-style). Click here to book on.


Written by Andy McCullough

By Catalyst

Catalyst is a movement of churches raising world-changers in the UK and around the world