UNREACHED is becoming our annual connection moment in the UK for people with an interest in cross-cultural church planting, especially in dangerous, exciting and pioneering places.


As Catalyst, we are an international family of churches. But because a lot of the places where we are working are risky, we can’t share a lot of news online. The problem is, a lot of the most remarkable stories come from those places. So how can you hear these stories? Come to Unreached19.


We are getting on with planting churches, too. Next year, our latest team will move to an iconic Middle Eastern city, begin learning Arabic, and start working towards establishing a new community of faith. But how can you get involved in cheering them on? Come to Unreached19.


More and more people within Catalyst are popping up with a passion to serve refugees. We have a number of different ministries now serving the neediest people in various contexts. How can you learn from their best practice? Come to Unreached19.


Much of our mission into the Middle East involves apostolic partnership with other Newfrontiers networks. In celebration of this, our guest speaker will be Guy Miller, who leads the Commission Network. How can you hear Guy speak about partnership in mission? Come to Unreached19.


We are learning things about how to reach the Unreached in the UK, too. There will be stories from a few UK contexts about people intentionally showing God’s love to the least-evangelised minority groups in their towns. How can you tap in to their experience?…you get the idea.


Sign up, come and plug in, be inspired, learn, fuel your prayers, network, eat food. See you at UNREACHED19.

By Andy McCullough

Andy was born and grew up in Cyprus, is married to Jessica – who is South African – and has four children who were born in the UK but grew up in the Middle East. Currently based in Reading, he is involved in planting churches and coaching church planters, is an avid student of language, culture, mission and the Bible, and is the author of ‘Global Humility: Attitudes for Mission’.