Last month, we hosted our latest “Catalyst4theworkplace” event, building on from the success of the last event in October 2016. It was a powerful day together; characterised by challenging and inspiring teaching, real honesty and vulnerability, moving and engaging worship, and moments of deep connection with God and one another.


The day began with a keynote talk from Karen Kircher, which combined a robust Biblical overview, dynamic, practical application and remarkable prophetic insight. This was typified by one moment following some teaching on the character of King David where Karen was led to pray for a lady whose husband was also called David – bringing specific revelation, encouragement and comfort for his work situation. After lunch, we heard a number of short, 7 minute talks on how we can influence for the Kingdom from a variety of places; when we don’t feel like we have any influence, when we’re suffering, when we’re in an imperfect system, and when we’re frequently moving. The day concluded with an encouragement from Adrian Hurst, from Oasis Church Birmingham, to pursue life to the full through living with emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and relational wellbeing, and to continue offering that out to those around us wherever we are uniquely placed. It was so encouraging to see people from all kinds of different work contexts joining together, learning from one another, and being equipped and inspired together. Here are a couple of reflections on the day from those who were there:


“For me, the conference was about reaffirming that my identity is not in what I do but in who I am. I went expecting to feel relieved of all my workplace troubles, but instead left filled up with joy and love for Jesus — for the unique place he’s put me in at this time in my life and at this point in the beginning of my career. I can often think that I’m not valued or heard within my work, but Karen Kircher spoke so strongly about our identity as children of God with full access to the Kingdom, meaning we all have the opportunity to lead as a Kingdom leader. We all have more influence than we think we do; to take opportunities to build culture and share God’s love. Mostly, Catalyst4theworkplace reignited a hope within me that what we do in our 9–5 doesn’t define us, but it does matter, and it can make a real and lasting difference to God’s kingdom wherever we are and whatever we are doing. As a young woman just starting off in the world of work this is so exciting and I can’t wait to see how God will use me and the ways in which I will grow within my faith and career”
– Emma, Charity Fundraiser


“We are called to influence wherever God has placed us; everyone has their own mission ground, so how can we lead like Jesus. This was one of the main themes for the excellent Catalyst4theworkplace conference. I am passionate about being a Christian in the secular workplace world but it sometimes seems like this is side-lined; so I was really excited about this conference. I was challenged by the first session with Karen about some of the simple things that we can do in practice to make a difference in how we can influence where we are and lead like Jesus, but also to not do it alone! It was also great to have a change to meet others in a similar workplace; to meet other Engineers, share contact details and just know that there are others! I really enjoyed the day and it encouraged me to stick my head out a bit more and see who else is a Christian in my office so that we can do more together”
– Keith, Railway Engineer


“Catalyst4theworkplace provided a rare opportunity to bring my work fully into the presence of God and rest in what He had to say specifically to me and others.  It was not just another conference of good “ideas” or impossible challenges. Rather, the time of worship allowed me to hear God speak into the calling He has given me for every day.  Then to hear from others about their workplace and how God is using them in different ways, encouraged me in my situation. To speak with others in business allowed me to encourage others too.  The final session on how to manage my wellbeing in the busy-ness of a stressful job, provided valuable pointers for surviving the heavy demands of my role. Catalyst4theworkplace was not a Christian equivalent of a work seminar, but rather a meeting with my heavenly Father and Christian family that refreshed me ready for another week and giving me a renewed understanding of His perspective on my work life.  A wonderful lasting impact on how I approach each day.”
– Peter, IT Manager

By Catalyst

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