Two years ago at the Catalyst Leadership Conference, my wife gave probably the biggest prodding ever! Sitting next to some friends, the promo video for the Catalyst Leadership and Theology course came onto the big screen. “You should do that!”. The friends sitting next to us said the exact same thing. I’m now coming to the end of my course and I’m really glad that she gave me that prodding! Looking back over the 2 years, here are 3 things I’m going to miss about the course!
The Teaching Coming into the course, I had a very black and white view of the gospel and God. But during the course, this has been completely smashed and have opened up my eyes to God in all his glory. Over the two years, we’ve been taken on a journey. From Creation through to Revelation going through the biblical themes and then from Acts, past the Reformation through to the Modern-day church. Having both the biblical and historical elements provided the opportunity to understand both scriptures but also provides the confidence to engage with thinkers outside of both our tradition and time!
I’m going to have to be honest. I do have one complaint about the teaching we’ve had over the past two years… There’s not been enough of it! The sessions only just scratch the surface and leave you hungry for more! This is were the essays come in to play. The six essays spread across the 2 years, provides the opportunity to think deeper and reflect over the issues and cement our understanding.
The sessions on theology may have shaped our thinking, but the Leadership sessions have shaped our hearts! Having the opportunity to have key figures within our movement share with us their thoughts on leadership has given us a tool kit of resources to take away and apply into our own situations. The mentoring aspect of the course has helped enormously to put what we’ve learnt into action.
The Worship At the start of each day, we start with worship. Having our hearts worshipping the God that we are there to learn more of, sets the tone of the day. And to be honest for many, it’s an absolute highlight! Yes, we have great teaching but being together, belting out our praises to God is such a beautiful way to start the day! Even when we break away from all evangelical norms and praise him with just our voices and the beat of the Djembe! It’s been amazing!
The Community For me, the one thing that I will miss the most about the course is the community. Over the past two years, we’ve shared each other successes and trials, we’ve reenacted the Old Testament together and we’ve partaken in an Early Church Fathers Tea party. It’s been a joy and a privilege to get to know other brother and sisters in Christ whether that’s over a piece of Favourite Chicken at lunch or whether it has been the times when we’ve taken over an Indian for a curry!
As I come to a close on my two years on the Catalyst Leadership and Theology Course, I’m left asking myself a single question. Do I wish that it could be longer? The truth is as much as I’ve loved it, it has to come to an end. And that’s the point. The focus point of the course isn’t to build up a group of deep thinkers who flock together for 20 weekends to discuss theology and leadership but to develop leaders to love Jesus and to love his church. Yes, I’m going to miss the teaching, the worship and the community but I now look forward to seeing what the seeds planted on this course will do as we look to grow his kingdom.
If you want to love Jesus both Jesus and his church and you’ve read this far than can I encourage you to apply? It’s been two years that I’ve loved every minute of and I’m confident that you will too. Find out more and apply to start in September by clicking here.
Written by Ryan Maslin
Quick Note: We will definitely be continuing L&TT in September 2020 and are accepting applications now for those wanting to start then. Training weekends will either be in Milton Keynes (in person) or over Zoom; whichever is appropriate at the time following the government’s guidelines.

By Catalyst

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