Catalyst is working into dozens of nations around the world, raising world-changers in an incredible number of different situations and contexts. One of these is in war-hit Eastern Ukraine, where we recently supported a project to complete the drilling of a new well for a local village – enabling one of the church leaders who has been serving the community with feeding programmes to expand that to provide water too. Here’s the impact it’s having…


For more then 20 years plumbing on our street has not been repaired. During war acts in Krasnogorovka from 2014, the water supply stopped, the pipes were heavily clogged, and when the water supply was resumed, it almost did not enter the house.


Our family constantly receives different guests, volunteers, friends. Almost every week in our house stay teams of ministers from different places. And besides, our family has many children. We need water for all such events, for guests, for family, for everything. That’s why water has a special need for us. Because of the water problems we had to find it by ourselves. It wasn’t easy, the best way was to bring it in the canisters from afar. But thanks to your finances, we could drill a well right in your yard! It became a huge help and a blessing for us!



Thus, you have helped not only us, but also hundreds of people. Because of the war acts and different breakdowns, water supply is often cut off and people are left without water, as happened recently. The shutdown of water happened suddenly and lasted 7 days, people could not stock up on water, as the shutdown occurred without notice. However, thanks to the well, they can get the necessary amount of water at any time! It became a great blessing for them, and ministry for us!


One more testimony – from the family of Vyacheslav and Lyudmila, who have many children and live on our street. They began a greenhouse cultivation of vegetables, and had the same urgent need for the well, but finance was not enough. But thanks to your kind hearts they also could drill a well in their yard, and now use it in their labour and ministry! We are grateful for your understanding in this difficult time for us!



We want to express you our deep gratitude for your financial help! This letter can’t show all our recognition for your contribution, but we want to share a little bit about what you have done through your money in our town.


Let God bless you abundantly!


Sincerely yours,
Family of Pryadka Ivan and Vera

By Catalyst

Catalyst is a movement of churches raising world-changers in the UK and around the world