Recently commissioned by the largest youth charity in the world, artist Liz Cosh from Bedford shares how she got to where she is today.

“In 2014, I decided to do a 9 month Training for Supernatural Ministry course in Bedford. It was required for students to read a selection of books throughout the year, and complete short assignments on each afterwards. The team said at the start that if we would prefer to complete our assignments in ways other than written, we could.

After reading the first book, there was so much I wanted to say but I couldn’t find the words. Even though I wasn’t a ‘painter’ I decided to paint my assignment, and painted what I saw in my head. I was used to God speaking to me through images, as it’s one of the most common ways God gives me prophetic words for others, it was just painting them that was challenging.

I painted 2 of my assignments, and after my second, someone approached me asking to buy one the pieces. (A strange concept, someone buying my homework!) Immediately I began doubting my ability, and arguing why someone would value what I had made, and thus began the journey of realising my value and my potential for influence through painting.

After the course had finished, I started painting prophetic words God was saying to me to give to others. The more God spoke to me, the more I painted. Requiring discipline, finances and time, I needed to be faithful with what God was saying for me to do with the gifts He has given me. I was then approached to display some of my art at a conference, where people began to encounter God through my art. Since then I have joined the Art team at my church, who regularly paint during worship as well as encourage each other in creativity. My vision is that people would meet God through my art and know Him more through the paintings.

Earlier this year, I had a call from YMCA. Someone I knew working there called, asking whether I would paint them a canvas that would provoke conversations with residents about faith. Several discussions and weeks later, that painting has now been completed and sits in Bedford’s YMCA building.”

‘God doesn’t just call the qualified, but he qualifies the called.’

Art that has been made to release peace, is now seen by many broken young people in desperate need of just that. Above is a copy of the painting that is there today, which you are welcome to interpret for yourself!