We recently heard from a family of 9 (yes, a family of 9!) from Sussex, who are part of one of our Catalyst churches, about how they are celebrating what God is doing and has done in their family. Mum of 7, tells us the story so far.

“I raised my children going along to church with myself and my husband, and at various stages each of our children gave their lives to Jesus and became involved with serving different areas within our church. When 3 of my children hit teenage years, they seemed to become less interested and started to drift away from God, church and faith.

My husband and I had seen this before in other teenagers and thought this was probably a natural thing and felt best to not interfere but to continue to love and pray for our children. We maintained great relationships with our kids as they moved into adulthood, and still away from God. However with each year that passed, my heart felt heavier and my desire to see them in relationship with God again was increasing.

We went along to Catalyst Festival in 2015 and heard a lady one evening talking about how it was healthy to express our anger and disappointments with God of things that went differently to how we planned. I was on my knees sobbing and claiming back my children’s lives from the enemy, and felt a new faith to pray for them to come back to God.

Months later one of my daughters randomly picked up her bible again, and began coming back to church with a totally renewed faith. In early 2016, my son came along to a dedication where he met with God in a wonderful way at church and has since given his life back to God! With one child still away from God, I feel full of faith for our family, and know that God is at work in each of our lives.”