We know that even in the midst of a challenging season for many of us, God is still doing amazing things amongst His people. And it’s really important that we “encourage one another and build each other up” (1 Thessalonians 5:11) with stories of His goodness and grace – all the more at the moment! Here’s a tremendous story from Caroline about her experience of God’s faithfulness during lockdown:


In March, a week into lockdown, I found a lump.


I was sent for a scan and they found a mass, 7.5cm in size. Biopsies were taken. I was told that I had breast cancer and was listed for surgery. My Consultant said he wanted to operate as soon as possible as it all looked concerning. The problem? Due to lockdown all local operating theatres were closed.


Finally, one theatre opened in my local hospital on 30th April (a long wait while God was teaching us to trust Him and not speculate!). My consultant managed to book me in for the first operation on the first day it was open. That was our first miracle!


The operation went well, and when I saw my consultant again four weeks later, he told me that while the symptoms I’d been experiencing implied that my cancer was had spread, all the lymph nodes that he’d removed were clear and the pathologist advised that my tumour was grade 0 and had not spread. Apparently both were so surprised that they, in his words, had closely examined every speck of the tumour. I am now clear of cancer!


Two weeks later, my Mum found a lump which the GP advised was over 90% likely to be cancer. We all prayed – having just gone through all that, we couldn’t have coped with her having cancer too, so soon. When she had the scan, the lump had gone!!!


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By Catalyst

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