Broadcast, which is a Catalyst run training programme to help us connect with and send people to plant churches, recently held an event specifically for those interested in that very thing. Dawn Tibbert was part of those that went and tells of how she found it.

‘Hidden away in a hotel in deepest Northamptonshire – Daventry to be exact, I discover the beginnings of a fresh movement amongst our ranks. To my surprise I find a group of 30 or so people with one thing in common, one overriding desire: a call to plant! Of course I do not mean a horticulture initiative but a planting of new churches and new sites in Towns and Cities from Manchester to Munich, from Hull to Greece! My husband Martin and I had arrived at the Broadcast Church and Site Planting 24hours – a Catalyst event beginning to find traction amongst our churches.

Gathered were some who had already planted out; sharing stories of the progress and the challenge – plus there were many looking to plant a new site or a new church in the next phase of their faith-journey. The stories were honest. The faith was inspiring. There is no doubt that these are the pioneers in our churches, these are those who don’t just talk a good story.

Organised by Robin and Hannah Vincent (planting The Hill Church in Swansea, South Wales). I am encouraged that in the midst of many voices the call to plant has life, energy and momentum – Robin and Hannah are leading by example. Special guests were Pete and Nicki Cornford. (Planting Redeemer Church in Ealing, West London). They are practitioners and brought great wisdom as they shared with real honesty about success and failure.

Alongside this event is an exciting new planters training initiative: The Broadcast Church Planting Network – Online Training. This provides an on-going resource for planters in the UK and beyond; with an impressive and wide range of speakers and topics.

It might be tempting for us to consider that this event isn’t relevant to us all – something only for the pioneers? But as Pete Cornford stressed, we must see planting as a priority and not a sideshow for the over-enthusiastic. In the words of Roger Forster (quoted by Pete), “When a denomination stops planting churches it will begin to decline.”  If you agree, then together we must build on this momentum – Here are some thoughts on how we can do this:

– Pray for church and site planting in our movement

– Log-on to the Online Broadcast Church Planting Training web-site

– Talk-up planting; in your churches and/or in your teams and groups

– Consider seriously and prayerfully, is God calling you to plant?

By Catalyst

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