Coaching Church Leadership Teams is a new training course from Catalyst, formed from six 2¼ hour Zoom sessions spread over a year, to coach and train church leadership teams in practical church leadership skills. The course is hosted by Richard Wightman, who has a wealth of experience in leading church growth (having shepherded his church through growth from about 150 people through to 800+) and in building substantial teams, with each session led by speakers with particular expertise in their subject matter. This includes:


– Coaching to help leaders grow spiritually themselves
– Coaching to help leaders help their teams to grow spiritually and to grow in leadership gifting
– Coaching to identify and address specific barriers to growth
– Teaching and discussion with others to identify the application to each church situation
– Learning from each other by working out application
– Reviewing progress to ensure effective implementation
– Opportunities for follow up conversations to help with specific presenting problems


Each tackles two subjects, on the expectation that amongst the there will be something that strikes a chord and where God wants you to develop a plan and to take action. Each day includes the development of an action plan for the subjects under discussion, so that attendees can go away ready with a plan to implement rather than having to find further time to start developing a plan.


Gather your team and sign up here – you’ll also find all the practical details on that page including dates, session titles and cost, with the first sessions running 28th Jan (AM) & 2nd Feb (PM). The only condition is that the team attending the training must include the senior church leader. We particularly look at what it takes to grow a church to around 200 people. If larger churches are interested, particularly churches of 300 to 600 people, separate training sessions can also be arranged for them.


The content will be delivered over a two year cycle, but with the first year running from January to July 2021, and then every two months through the following academic year. People and teams are able to join each year, with some of the teams undertaking Year 2 before Year 1. The 2022 year will include additional teaching on Leading Teams and Others, as well as Apostolic Foundations, Organisation and Structures, Governance and Worship.

By Catalyst

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