What a privilege it is to have Terry Virgo with us here at the Festival. It was brilliant to hear from Terry yesterday morning as he spoke from the book and life of Jonah.

The emphasis of Terry’s talk was about how Jonah ran away from God, but he also ran away from what it was to be a prophet. Terry brought us into a place of further understanding of what it would have been like for Jonah and those around him during that time. He touched on the differences between those who are considered to by prophetic in the modern day and those who were prophets in the Bible.

Terry wrapped up by challenging us, but also encouraging us, to get before God and be his voice to our families, our neighbours and the society around us. We are the salt of the earth, the light of the world.

By James Hughes

James Hughes

James is a student in Southampton studying Journalism, and is responsible for writing up everything that’s going on around the Catalyst Festival.