Alongside the main meetings, there are so many other areas of Catalyst Festival where God is doing amazing things among his people – and one of those is the Youth.

The main meetings in the Youth gather around 400 young people – alongside the Youth team and band. It all kicks off with pumping music as the Youth venue quickly begins to fill up.

A competition, game or both soon follows this. The Catalyst Youth band then bring them into a place of worship, where they have the opportunity to praise God and encounter the Holy Spirit. After this, there is a talk from one of a number of different speakers, and finally another period of worship/ministry time.

Already there have been some amazing encounters with the Holy Spirit within the Youth meetings. 30 first time commitments have been made so far; over 25 separate healings have been witnessed – including one girl who was completely healed of a large area of eczema on her body without even being prayed for. Also, over 100 young people came forward to be filled with the Holy Spirit last night. Our God is good!

The next generation of Christians with a deep and burning passion for God is emerging through these young people. Please continue to pray for them, for the remainder of their time here at the Festival and also for beyond.

By James Hughes

James Hughes

James is a student in Southampton studying Journalism, and is responsible for writing up everything that’s going on around the Catalyst Festival.