We’ve been encouraging people to share their stories about what God is doing at the Festival. Here’s Deborah Brown from Emmanuel Church Oxford, who was here for the day yesterday, with an amazing story of God breaking into her life. If you have a story to share you can tweet @CatalystFestUK, contact us on Facebook, or email stories@catalystnetwork.org.

For the last seven years I have been unable to use my hands – to carry, to write, to cook, or any normal everyday activity. I’ve hidden it pretty well at times, but not only have I been restricted throughout my twenties, whilst friends have adventured and worked, but I’ve been in constant pain and found myself increasingly weary from the necessity of managing it, and worshipping God in the midst of it.

Yesterday morning as we spoke out our disappointments, I felt really set free to just tell God that I was hurting and so tired, like a small child when it falls over and cries at its parents. When we were encouraged to move around, I found for the first time, that I could move my arms, and flex my hands, without any pain or restriction.

This morning – the first morning in seven years – I have woken up without shooting pain, and instead of lying in bed and asking for the strength to manage the day, have been able to praise God for remembering me. There is no situation too dark for him to step into, no part of our bodies or our thinking or our past that are so dead that his resurrection life cannot break in! Praise God!

By Karen Kircher

Karen Kircher

Since leaving the water industry in 2000, Karen has enjoyed working as a consultant in the areas of leadership and organisational development, establishing Leading Leaders in 2007.