Carrie Tubbs is part of Christ Church in Hailsham, and in 2013 was diagnosed with MS after a long struggle of various ailments and pain.

It came somewhat as a relief to finally have a diagnosis, however things didn’t improve. Carrie visited a neurologist in Brighton as the pain was so high she could no longer walk unassisted, and was relying heavily on using her scooter to get herself around. When she wasn’t using a scooter she was using a stick to help her when walking. The neurologist prescribed some drugs with a new treatment plan, which after 2 years, Carrie saw enough improvement, that she slowly stopped using her scooter as of late 2015. (You can imagine this must be a huge relief!)

Like many of us, Carrie attended the Catalyst Festival this year in May 2016. During the weekend, our amazing kids work team brought up a group of brave children to come and prophesy in our main meeting. One of the words of knowledge was about someone struggling with their balance. Carrie immediately responded and stood to receive prayer.

3 weeks after the Festival, Carrie noticed that she was feeling much stronger in herself, and found she was leaning on her stick less and confidently walking more. It’s now been 17 weeks since the Festival, and 14 since Carrie noticed she was feeling stronger, and she has been stick free since that day. She is able to walk without pain for the first time in years!

We’re continuing to pray for complete physical healing in Carrie, and celebrating how God has used both natural and supernatural methods to bring Carrie her healing. And how fun was it, that it was one of our children who got to bring more of God’s Kingdom to earth!

Keep pressing in for healing, no matter how big or small.