The team at Christ Church Manchester are pioneering new music in Manchester, and have recently released another brand new, home-grown song, “You Are”. Find out more about the church on their website, and check out all their music on their Spotify page.


At Christ Church Manchester we love music.


Actually, we love creativity.


I am always a little bit in awe of someone who can see a blank piece of paper and come up with a poem or a story. I am especially in awe of people who can pick up an instrument, patch a few notes together and come up with something that’s genuinely moving! Obviously, God is the greatest creator and so we want to honour who He is by helping our musicians to discover and hone their skills.


We are also big fans of church planting. Christ Church Manchester is currently made up of six different Sunday meetings in five different locations in Manchester. A big part of the life of the church is our corporate worship and constantly planting sites of CCM means we need to keep bringing through worship leaders, musicians and song writers. We decided that we would invest some time, effort and finance into our musicians by recording as many of their worship songs as possible. So far we have released 13 home-grown worship songs. All of the musicians, and the producer, are part of CCM. We want musicians to see CCM as a place where they will be given freedom to be creative, will be given space to influence us as a church and will be trained as well.


It’s also important to us that we write our own songs. There are so many great songs and song writers out there, but we wanted songs that were from Manchester! Manchester has a long history of songs and, in a small way, we want to become part of that heritage. These songs will be about what our people are going through, what God is saying to them, and what God is saying to CCM.


It’s early days for us and we are always learning how to write songs that “work” on a Sunday as well as songs that are just worship for the sake of worship. Basically, we just want to put stuff out there. You can hear everything that we’ve released in the last 12-18 months on Spotify, and listen to our latest song, “You Are”, using the player below. Over the next three or four months we plan to release a whole bunch more music. If you like it, please share it!



By Tim Simmonds

tim simmonds

Tim is on the leadership team of Christ Church Manchester and has been involved in planting a number of sites in Manchester. He also works with a group of churches in Eastern and Central Europe helping them to plant churches and develop multisite churches.