On Friday 5th October an entire hour of prime time TV will be devoted to the life transforming work of Christians Against Poverty (CAP) who, in partnership with local churches, bring hope to thousands sinking under the weight of poverty and debt (The Debt Saviours, BBC2, 9pm). In this blog article, Steve Haines, part of Mosaic Church Leeds who also works for CAP, explains a bit more about what to expect, and how we can respond to this opportunity as local churches.


In making this landmark documentary, the film crew asked for access to all areas of the charity’s work. They’ve tracked the powerful stories of people like Holly (pictured above) who, unable to heat her home, was desperate to get free from overwhelming debt. And here’s how life started for Gaz, whose total transformation through the gospel is also featured in the documentary:


“My childhood was a struggle. My parents divorced when I was six. Mum hit the drink hard. Dad wasn’t to be seen at all. I would take my brothers to school, feed them, and find my mum in the pub to get the house keys from her.”


Left to fend for himself at just 15 years of age, Gaz realised that his past was still controlling his life:


“I bounced between jobs, racked up some debts and wasn’t the ideal partner. My past was affecting the way I dealt with conflict, how I showed love and how I wanted to be seen as strong. I would hide debts, do stupid things and be very selfish.”


Eventually, when he was at rock bottom, local Christians stepped into Gareth’s life. In the documentary he tells how he became debt free with CAP and how God took him on a journey of forgiveness, grace and new identity.


On Sunday 30th September, we’re inviting all Catalyst churches to join thousands of others across the UK to pray for the impact of The Debt Saviours as it shows Christians meeting real needs and sharing the hope that is found in Jesus. A recent survey revealed that 80% of the general public don’t think that the Church makes any positive difference in their community. Will you pray that this powerful documentary will challenge and change this perception, as it’s viewed by millions in our nation? Click here for a video and outline prayer for you to use in your church on Sunday 30th. And remember to tune in on 5th October to watch Gaz and Holly’s stories in full!

By Catalyst

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