Sputnik has a new-look website!


Sputnik is a network of Christian artists that started within Catalyst, but now serves artists and churches all over the UK. Our aims are to encourage and support Christians working in the arts and to endeavour to mend the bridges between artists and local churches that, for one reason or another, are not always in the best shape.


The new website is basically just like the old website, but a bit crisper and easier to navigate, but there are some bits that are new, and I’d love to draw your attention to some of them.



We are a Christian arts organisation that encourages Christian artists not to make Christian art! If this sentence confuses you, you’re not the only one. Because of this, we have done our best to explain who we are and what we do as clearly as possible on the website through our manifesto and also through our FAQs. In this section, we have tried to answer all the questions we get asked and broken the answers down into different sections so that it’s easy to access if you are an artist or a church leader (who seem to have rather different questions. Funny that!)



We want to profile artists who are following Jesus and also producing art that stands up outside of a church context. One of the ways we do this is through our Discover page, and in the ‘Artists from the Network’ section, we would love to introduce you to a whole host of artists that are in the network. We think they’re wonderful. Hopefully you will too.


Sputnik Magazine

For those who’ve known about us for a while, you might remember that we used to be called SputnikMagazine. Well, a few years ago we dropped the magazine bit, but ironically, now, for the first time we actually have an online Sputnik Magazine! We have been writing articles about faith and art for some time, but from now on, we are releasing these in issues, whereby we publish 10 or so articles on a particular theme all at once (get it? Like a magazine!) The first one is on protest art. This is something of a pilot, as it’s a compilation of older posts, but we also have an all new issue coming out before the end of the year.


Sputnik Patrons

One of the main ways we look to serve artists is to help fund their projects. One of the main ways we serve churches is to wrap them up in the joy of funding artist’s projects! To do all of this, we have run our Sputnik Patrons Scheme for a couple of years. So far, we have supported 13 different projects ranging from paying for a theraplay course for a storyteller to a Rap album launch to a sound project based around Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner. On the Patrons section of the website, there is now more information about some of these projects, so you can see where the money goes (and hopefully think of supporting us yourselves!)


So, whether you’ve come across us before, or you’d never heard of us before now, grab a cuppa, put your feet up and have a look around.

By Jonny Mellor

Jonny Mellor

Jonny is an elder at ChurchCentral in Birmingham, and leads Sputnik, a project dedicated to showcasing and supporting art with a Christian worldview. He is married to Jemma and they have three children.