Next year’s Festival is coming up soon – just over four months to go! But before we get carried away with next year, it’s good to remember and reflect on what God did at last year’s event. Here’s just a few of the stories people shared with us at the 2014 Festival.

“I am a combat vet from the Falklands and the first Gulf War – I have carried guilt and shame for over 23 years. This weekend God has told me to let it go, change the coat, the old one does not fit any more. Thank you all.”

“I came here really dry and not expecting much. I have been a Christian for years and never experienced how God fully works in people, especially me. I have been filled with the Holy Spirit – God has changed me over the past few days and I have been able to dwell in Him. God has so much more for me. I am His forever and I love God with a passion!”

“When Caroline spoke so excellently about disappointment, I realized how much pain has lain deep inside. The glorious part in realising this pain is that I’ve gained a new realm of understanding what Jesus took on for me on the cross. Wow!”

“I had prayer for persistant toothache, and the pain was reduced. My perspective of the pain and its previous hold on me was totally changed. A revelation!”

“I arrived at Catalyst in back pain (I had a major back injury five years ago). I’m in the Ministry Team, so got some guys to pray for me before we started. Been pain free for the whole event!”

By Catalyst

Catalyst is a movement of churches raising world-changers in the UK and around the world