Leadership Training is a two-year training course for leaders, developing your leadership skills, theology, doctrine, and character. Wherever you’re called to lead – in your church, your workplace or your community – Leadership Training is designed to help you develop your gift.



Leadership Training is made up of three key components:

Training – Forty days of theological and leadership training, including: a comprehensive biblical theology programme, teaching modules in systematics and church history, and training in Ephesians 4 leadership: vision-casting and team-building, preaching skills, pastoring people, cross-cultural evangelism, prophesying and hearing from God, and so on. This is followed up by written assignments.
Discussion – Interactive sessions and open forums to discuss leadership issues with experienced leaders in Catalyst and elsewhere in Newfrontiers.
Mentoring – to discuss the issues raised in the sessions and help develop your skills as a leader.


You can find out more about speakers, syllabus and how to apply here.


By Catalyst

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