Chris Jarvis is part of the team at Open Door Church in St Neots. He recently encountered God and felt changed because of it. Since then he’s grown in courage and compassion for others, and shares a recent story of new relationships that came about through this revelation.

“After spending time with God, I I recently felt Him provoking me about my lack of compassion in an area of my life, particularly those who are marginalised; after repenting privately, I also repented on a Sunday morning in front of our church. The next day a community of travellers took up residence in one of our town’s car parks. I had previously been a policeman for over 10 years and had much experience with travellers – it was all bad.

For the first time in my life, I felt compassion for travellers, and a need to go and tell them Jesus loves them and to offer to pray for the sick. I thought I would need a huge amount of courage to do this, but it turns out compassion is a greater motivator than courage, and my excitement outweighed the fear. So as soon as I could, I approached their community. The first group I had the chance to meet, was a group of guys stood around sharpening their knives. (The former policeman in me was beginning to surface, but I decided to go and say hello anyway!) I said hello and entered into conversation with them. I told them about Jesus and offered to pray for any sickness. But no takers…!

But I went back the next day handing out biscuits and talking to more people. After some time, I found myself praying for that same group of guys that I had met the day before. I was ushered to a caravan by a lady to go and pray for her mother for joint pain. I then prayed for the daughter and her fear and nightmares to go. She fetched more people, one with a broken heart, another with family trouble and suddenly the caravan was full and a prayer meeting had broken out.

I went back again the next day, this time with donuts and a friend to help. Recognised straight away, we were invited into a caravan and made very welcome. They told us to stay put and kept bringing us people to pray and prophesy over. Everyone was in tears as we showed kindness and spoke to them about how much value they had and how much God loved them. Not only did I get to take part in God’s Kingdom coming to that community, but people were healed from pain and joy and peace covered them. What a privilege that all started from spending time with our Father.”