Broadcast is about training connecting and sending. We are using social media to get churches planted, believers motivated and churches connected.

A “Broadcast” is a training session delivered online using Google+ hangouts. Each training session involves teaching from a speaker followed by Q&A and discussion of the material across the various groups signed into the hangout.

Using this technology means you can access high quality teaching from where ever you are based.

We have two brand new streams that are up and running. The first is a Theology stream. The Theology stream looks at the key themes of the bible with a focus on what themes mean for radical Christian living. Info about signing up, speakers and content can be found here.

The second is aimed at Students, those involved in student ministry or church leaders who want to develop there student ministry! Broadcast is running this in partnership with Fusion. Our aim is that this training will build a philosophy of mission, creating dynamic student communities and raise leaders from the student population!

If you have any questions please contact Tom O’Toole –

By Tim Simmonds

tim simmonds

Tim is on the leadership team of Christ Church Manchester and has been involved in planting a number of sites in Manchester. He also works with a group of churches in Eastern and Central Europe helping them to plant churches and develop multisite churches.